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Mar 22nd '13

When i had extra I'd buy canned goods or meat to freeze. I've been off food stamps for four months and am just now running out of the stuff i set aside before.

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Mar 22nd '13
Quoting S U Z I E:" Ok, here is something I've been curious about. There have been several D&D's lately about FS (some ... [snip!] ... their "wants", to adequately provide for their family? Just trying to understand differences of opinion on the subject... :)"

Where the f**k can I get $650 a month, is what I want to know.

We are a family of four, surviving on my income alone (DH is a full-time student) and we only get $250 and I try to make that stretch as much as I can but god damn is it hard.

But if I had enough FS to have extra I'd use it to stockpile certain foods. Freeze meats, stock up on rice, beans, etc so that if I ever didn't have any money for food I'd have plenty of back up.

I also don't give a crap what people spend their FS on as long as their family is getting fed. There are some people who just cannot cook and so making hamburger helper or microwave meals is all they can manage.

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Mar 23rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting IDGAF ❤:</b>" Yep, I have known many people who came from families who didn't have any higher education and never understood ... [snip!] ... fancy & chose not to go. Well now, sadly those are the people struggling to pay bills and it doesn't have to be that way."</blockquote>

SO and I were having this conversation today... Basically my mum raised us alone on a minimum wage, my dad is a huge a*****e who evaded the child support agency my whole life. His mum put her own wants above the needs of her children and still continues to do so with his teenager brother and sisters.

Now our mums weren't educated. We both left school early to get shitty underpaid jobs because that's what we felt we had to do to help out the family. They now put so much pressure on us to achieve this and to achieve that and I know they only what the best for us... My father actually had the nerve to ask my mum why we weren't doing any better than what we are... It's like our parents don't understand that they are the ones who set us up to struggle it out.

SO thankfully has a decent paying job and the gift of talking under water, which helped him further his career opportunities. I wish I had of realised the importance of furthering my education earlier but I'm still young and finally back in school for nursing. It's just lucky that we were smart enough to figure it out, to want better than the struggle for our kids. I mean, we're not poor by any means and our kids are well taken care of, but things could be better obviously...

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Mar 23rd '13
Quoting -()-()-()-:" <blockquote><b>Quoting IDGAF ❤:</b>" Yep, I have known many people who came ... [snip!] ... for our kids. I mean, we're not poor by any means and our kids are well taken care of, but things could be better obviously..."

Oh exactly! People never see that when their kids turn out less than what they expect, they never seem to realize it was them who raised them to do certain things or not value things. I am glad you guys are doing better though, and I wish you luck with nursing school. :) I am in school to become a RN too, my mom is a RN with a BSN...she ALWAYS is on me about school because she knows the importance. When I finished high school, she did not let me have any other options, she told me to go straight to college & I did. Now it has taken me a bit longer, because I have to take 2 classes at a time since that is what I can handle with my learning disabilities and I am slowly but surely making it through school. I am lucky that she has helped me through school as well. Her parents helped her though college so she is helping me and I will do the same for my daughter. I just want the best for her future & insuring that she goes to college is something HUGE to me.

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Mar 23rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting IDGAF ❤:</b>" If people are soo worried about 12 f**king cents being lost, I will throw them 12 cents so they can stfu and mind their own business."</blockquote>

The reality is that 100% of ALL entitlements are 100% funded with taxpayer dollars.

It's misleading to argue for this tiny

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Mar 23rd '13
Quoting ~Julie Blue Eyes~:" <blockquote><b>Quoting IDGAF ❤:</b>" If people are soo worried about 12 f**king ... [snip!] ... payment, rather than look at the big picture number, that you will end up paying for that car, after all is said and done, huh?"

Never said it wasn't but for each person to b***h & complain about welfare when they only pay 12 cents is stupid as hell. Nobody gives a shit about these multi-million dollar companies that pocket much more of your tax money. Nobody gives a shit that they make the rich even richer, they would rather b***h about those who are in need taking 12 cents out of their tax money, which is f**king sad. They would rather b***h about who bought what with food stamps, than worry about a huge corporation that made themselves even richer from your tax dollars right?

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Mar 23rd '13

i know someone who has 4 kids and receives $900 a month in food stamps. the reason why i think that is too much is because that is about how much a minimum wage person is going to bring home ina whole month. generally for the 4 of us we spend 100-200 a month on food. we cannot afford the expensive good for us foods though we have been trying to buy that kind of food a little more often but it is hard.
i worked at walmart and i would ring up people with 3 carts full of food at the beginning of the month and then they would have a separate order so the food stamp people couldn't see they were buying beer. they insisted it be rang up separate so they couldn't be tracked (not everyone obviously) and other things.
i do think they should be able to buy treats b/c everyone deserves some nice things BUT i also think that there should be a limit on what they can and cannot buy. like the wic program makes people buy certain products maybe the food stamp program should not allow certain things as well.
i have been on food stamps before when things were rough and that was honestly the most money we ever spent in a month on food. family of 4 (i wasn't married to my husband at the time and they wouldn't count him as a person in the house but they couldn't his income - made no sense) and we received 200 a month and that was great! i am thankful to the program but think more rules are needed.