Should I call my Dr? La Esposa de Chrispy Due March 29 (boy); 1 child; Florida 9 posts
23rd Mar '13

I had my final OB appt on Friday (yesterday) and am scheduled for my c section first thing Monday morning. While I was at the dr, I was diagnosed with ANOTHER yeast infection (sorry for the TMI!) The dr said he would have the office call in medication for me. Well, come to find out this never happened. This seems to be a regular thing with my dr office, as the last time I had a yeast infection they didn't call it in on friday like the were supposed to, so I had to wait and call them on Monday to get it done. So aggravated!!
So my question is this - should I page my dr and have him call it in? Not only am I extremely uncomfortable, but now I am worrying that this will cause some kind of complication or set back with my c section. I don't want this to affect my baby. Please help!! What would you do?

lil*Mama*Bear 2 kids; Veneta, Oregon 4957 posts
23rd Mar '13

If you are having a c-section, I am pretty sure it won't effect the birth. But all those antibiotics that you will get for the c-section, will probably worsen it before it can get better.

Amber n dave Due August 28; 3 kids; Wisconsin 2690 posts
23rd Mar '13

What were you prescribed last time? My ob just told me to get Monistat. If that is ok for you..then just get an otc medication.

White Chocolate Milk 1 child; Chelsea, Alabama 12303 posts
23rd Mar '13

I'd just get an OTC medicine to take care of it now. It shouldn't effect anything with your csection considering it won't be vaginal or anything.

Fatty McRunnerPants 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Clearlake, California 59390 posts
23rd Mar '13

I'd go get some OTC. Unless you were perscribed boric acid, the script was most likely for a persecription form of monistat.

La Esposa de Chrispy Due March 29 (boy); 1 child; Florida 9 posts
23rd Mar '13

Thanks, guys!! I was actually prescribed Diflucan. But since the consensus is OTC, I guess I can give that a try. :)