kids and twilight. user banned
23rd Mar '13

OK so I'm wondering have your kids watched the twilight movies with you? And if so how old are they?

My kids are 10 and 4 and have watched them all with my mom and I as well as my niece and my aunt and her kids. All ages are 14 11 and 11. My nephew to but against his will lol.he is 13. Lol

So I'm curious.

Nicole Mclovin 3 kids; Colorado 2784 posts
23rd Mar '13

Yes and they are 4 and 6

Cindy[+2]♥ TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11285 posts
23rd Mar '13

I had Breaking Dawn part 1 on yesterday and Macie paid it no interest. The only thing she was worried about was the wolves lol. She's 3.. My niece loves them though. She's 7.

LP&Bs MOMe 3 kids; Tempe, Arizona 3312 posts
23rd Mar '13

My 4 year old watched breaking dawn part 1 w/ me, but she doesn't like anything scary, it was more like it was way past her bedtime, I turned off the kid movies, and put my movie on to get her to get bored and go to sleep, it didn't work. haha. My 3 and 1 year old haven't seen any of them.

lilmzzgreeneyez *NMOA* 21 kids; Sherwood, Arkansas 17987 posts
23rd Mar '13

no. my 9 year old wants to watch it and i have told her no. her aunt let her watch one and im not okay with it. i prefer them to watch kid appropriate movies. i know they can handle most pg13 movies but in my house they watch cartoons and movies rated G that i have already seen.

Nikkie Beee Due January 29; 2 kids; Victorville, California 3968 posts
23rd Mar '13

My almost 5yr old son doesn't care for any of them (except when the wolves come on). My almost 5yr old niece loves all the movies and says she loves Edward.

❀Sarah❀ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Cocking, EU, Europe 136060 posts
23rd Mar '13

I havent because I know my son wouldnt be interested at all. Hes 5

LP&Bs MOMe 3 kids; Tempe, Arizona 3312 posts
23rd Mar '13

I let my daughter watch Jersey Shore on accident (thought she was asleep but she was just being super still and quiet, lol) I regret that.

user banned 3 kids; Ontario 10942 posts
23rd Mar '13

I was looked at funny today from my friends mil cause my 4 yr old has seen all of them. She is like that's way to inappropriate for kids under 16. Lol I was like uh OK.

But yet she buys her 7 yr old granddaughter padded bras lol my friend threw them all out. To me that's worse. Lol

My kids watch lots of adult movies tho. The only one I was not OK with was the hangover 1-2 that my 10 yr old watched at a sleepover at the neighbors, their DD wad 7. Lol

Destinite 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Paradise, FL, United States 34131 posts
23rd Mar '13

Sort of. My son walked in my room and I was watching it and he asked me "what is wrong with her EYES!?" This was BDP2
His attention was captured and he watched the rest with me! haha

GrumpsMama 1 child; Whiskey d**k Mountain, WA, United States 16218 posts
23rd Mar '13

My sister is obsessed. She's seen them all and just loves them. She's read all the books, too.

She just turned 10 a few days ago.

......................... Oregon 14226 posts
23rd Mar '13

I have a hard time. Because I'm trying to teach my 7 year old what appropriate movies are.

And twilight would not be on my list of appropriate movies for a 7 year old.

But my husband thinks that Iron Man and Avengers are.

The down side is he's autistic. So if I tell him any part of the movie isn't appropriate and I have to fast forward it, he starts telling everyone, "There's the part in the Avengers that's not appropriate for kids..oooooo"

Etc. But I also think sponge bob isn't appropriate for kids.

Laura [Syltherin] 3 kids; Florida 12072 posts
23rd Mar '13

My kids are 4 and 2. They have seen all the Twilights. We don't control what they watch....for the most part. We just explain to them that it isn't real. In fact, my four year old watches walking dead with me.

user banned Due November 26; 1 child; Parkersburg, West Virginia 9548 posts
23rd Mar '13

my 15 month old loves spongebob which i really dont think is appropriate but she loves him. i also watch the walking dead when she is awake shrugs. guess there are worse things.

one of each 4 me TTC since Jan 2015; 3 kids; Ohio 6290 posts
23rd Mar '13

my daughter is 8 and she heard about the movies at school and asked to watch them and i let her. i had seen them before but didn't think she would be interested.
my son is 4 and he was there when they were on but he wasn't interested at all.