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24th Mar '13
Quoting Sneakthief:" Look into those cute little mason jar salad recipes. Tons on Pinterest. I couldn't get enough of salad ... [snip!] ... bacon when I was pregnant. They don't really require cooking or anything but a fork and the jar. Good, easy, and healthy too"

Thank you!!

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24th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Aliana'smomma:</b>" Thank you!!"</blockquote>

No problem! I love them and they're so easy. You can even make a week's wort at a time and just keep then sealed in your fridge.

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24th Mar '13

I'm sure that's most pregnant women's situations.. I know I hate hearing about how big I am. What woman wants people commenting on their weight?! Hahah. I know a girl who's exactly as far along as I am and she's wayyy smaller than me (it's also her first pregnancy, though).. just remind yourself that your body's gonna do what it needs to do to make that baby as healthy as possible. :)