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25th Mar '13

On march 19th at 5am my contractions became regular every 2-5 minutes , I got checked and was 3cm so I went home to walk at 7am, around 8:30am I went back and was admitted and checked I was only 6cm and disappointed because the pain was so bad I thought I'd be further, my contractions were coming every minute by than and I was screaming threw them I decided to take a shower and I think that's when my water broke, I got out and laid in the bed tossing and turning & begged for the epidural but had to wait for the anesthesiologist. I kept telling the nurse something was wrong because the pain was just so intense, I always thought natural birth would be hard but was not prepared for it enough & couldn't relax like I had planned, so at 10:30am I'm finally checked again and I'm 9cm & the doctor said I could start pushing, I pushed 5 times and my son was born at 10:37 am all natural, no meds , weighing 8 pounds 5 ounces 20 inchs long! :)

Kelly +2 ERF/EH! 18 kids; Valdosta, Georgia 18072 posts
25th Mar '13

Congrats mama!!! Natural births are amazing!!!

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25th Mar '13


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25th Mar '13

Congrats!! (:

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25th Mar '13

Congrats! What's his name

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25th Mar '13

Aww Congrats! I hope I'm next :)

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25th Mar '13

Congrats!!!! Can't wait for pictures!

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status 25th Mar '13


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25th Mar '13

Thank you all ill try to post pics today, his name is Joel Samuel :)

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25th Mar '13

Congrats. :)