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Mirena CarmenDEV Johannesburg, South Africa 1 posts
26th Mar '13

Hi Ladies,

Im so worried and have no idea what to do. Iv had my mirena put in in 2010 and still have it however i am now experiencing really bad cramps and bleeding and its not the normal. Its light red and very watery. Im so worried that I have a cyst. Does anyone know how you know you have a cyst and if its possible? Im not sure, maybe its even moved.That could also be a possiblity. I have made an appointment at the gyne however will only be able to see her in 3 weeks and im really getting worried. My back really hurts. Iv also experienced hair loss and my skin has become bad. Im not too sure if my body has gotten too use to the mirena or maybe I have a cyst.

LittleBear's mama 3 kids; Ontario 480 posts
26th Mar '13

I had mirena years ago and hated it. I spent 6 months...yes 6 months bleeding every single day with bad cramping. I got it taken out and went back to the pill.