2nd baby on the way Stephanie Disch Due June 19; Japan 2 posts
26th Mar '13

So I have a 2 year old daughter she will be 3 when the baby gets here. But I'm really nervous about how she will react she is always talking about her baby sister and what she is gonna do with her when she gets here but I just don't want her to feel like she is getting pushed to the side or something. Help please!

mommy2thing1&thing2 Due November 11 (girl); 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 3064 posts
26th Mar '13

Make sure you include her in everything baby related..and it helps to get her alittle gift so she dosent see just baby getting lots of gifts. My MIL bought my son a gift when she gave us a gift for his little brother. My older son loooves taking carevof his brother :) good luck

Mari-C 18 kids; Nebraska 3695 posts
26th Mar '13

Emmy was 3 when I delivered Jaslyn. She was very excited during the pregnancy and even protecteive! She wouldn't let DH touch my stomach lol. We also got Emmy a "big sister" gift...a couple of them actually, so she wouldn't feel left out. She helped out with setting up Jaslyn's things in her room.
Once the baby was here she was so loving and caring. At times she was anxious to play with her and we would have to remind her that she is too little. She has always loved her little sister and they get along great! Emmy always loves to help out. I'll say "time to change your diaper" and Emmy will rush ahead and get the diaper and wipes ready.
As long as she is involved I'm sure she will love her sister:). It is tough to take care of another while having a younger child but making sure they are both given attention helps so the older sibling doesn't feel jealous! Good luck :)

navywife7*Ashley* 2 kids; Albion, Michigan 497 posts
26th Mar '13

I was worried about the same thing. My son is 2 1/2 and has done wonderful so far. We did a little gift exchange we let our son pick out something for the new baby and then we picked out a gift for our older son and said it was from the baby. He loved it. Also we have had my son help out with things and he loves that lol.

Stephanie Disch Due June 19; Japan 2 posts
26th Mar '13

Thanks everyone that helped a lot. I am gonna let her pick out some gifts and get her some too from the baby she will love that!