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26th Mar '13

Most of you may have already discovered like me, the fable
of "eat whatever you want / you'll have to gain weight for the baby" tends to
be taken over board and usually doesn't consist of a healthy diet regimen.
I'm actually TTC/waiting to test at the moment but after finally losing
all that weight I gained with back2back pregnancies, I want to do things
the healthiest way possible for my baby and for my postpartum body.

So I did some searching and found this woman who was trying to do the same:
Also interestingly enough, she was trying for a V-bac and she believes her better
diet may have helped her to accomplish her goal.

Also Staying active... I'm already feeling incredible lazy but here are some
easy pregnancy exercises to help you stay active. Staying active at the begining and throughout pregnancy can help all around. Relieves back pain, hip pain and has even show to help morning sickness.
Here is a website with photo tutorials for pregnancy workouts that I found:

I'm doing Ab workouts 30situps-45crunches-20sissypushups-15halfbodyplanks in the mornings (<.< haven't done them in 3days) but when my baby bump starts to get in the way I'll have something to switch to.
Just thought I'd share...