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26th Mar '13

Anyone here on FB with me, please don't say anything. I'm not telling a bunch of people yet.
Evan got back from his third appointment today and his hearing test showed that he has mild hearing loss in both ears and needs hearing aides for the rest of his life. I'm in a little bit of shock here. My son is very articulate, can read, etc. and doesn't have a lot speech issues but we're talking about getting services from his school district, hearing aides, and CAT scans/blood work to see if it's hereditary and if it's progressive. Anyone have issues with this that can give me any information or adivce?

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26th Mar '13

Start learning ASL in case it is progressive that way you all have something to fall back on. Chances are since it's happening later in his life he will cope with it well in terms of his being able to talk and read lips, etc. I have no personal experience in this, but I would say ASL can be majorly helpful for him if it does get worse.

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2nd Apr '13

What kind of hearing tests are they doing with him? Tanner had his re-checked recently because his teachers were saying that he seemd to be having trouble hearing. They had a thing playing words and then he would point to the pictures. Half the time he pointed to the wrong thing just to be a turd. Then on a different day he came back and pointed to all of them and they said he was just being a stinker and that was common.

I say that because hopefully they did the one with Evan where the hook the monitors up to your brain or whatever.

I am sorry you are going through that. There are normally signs when a child is having trouble hearing and it doesn't sound like Evan has them, so that is a good sign.

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23rd May '13

Hey Evanmyheaven, I