home birthing Ruth Malandain Due October 17; Brighton, United Kingdom 32 posts
26th Mar '13

Hi everyone, this is the first time I have ever posted but me and my husband want another baby and I would love a home birth. My last labour was extremely intense and I dilated very slowly, I ended up havibg an epi cos it took 11 hours to get to 4cm I was contracting for 60 seconds and only having a 30 second break between. Just wondered if anyone could tell me there experiences if they had a home birth?

1&1 We're Done! 2 kids; Nevada 10963 posts
26th Mar '13

I labored at home birthed in hospital with no meds, would have home birthed if my insurance would cover it. If we ever change our minds and have another baby, Ill take out a loan and do a home water birth. Laboring at home was awesome, I could move where ever and however, make whatever noises, and took a warm shower that was so amazing.