Playing on the play gym (LOTS of pics) BastiansMommy 1 child; Shelton, Washington 2428 posts
26th Mar '13

haha LO has a nasty buttrash :( Not sure why since he's constantly getting changed...anyway! Last night after bath time, he got to air dry in hopes that it would help his rash...apparently he LOVES being naked. lmao He hasn't smiled this much while I take pictures EVER, let alone since he's had this rash
Have some pictures of my little Sebastian :D
Love this one, just wish my finger hadn't been over the flash :oops:
lol mid sneeze
My Favorite <3

Bella_Chelle 17 kids; Pennsylvania 5415 posts
26th Mar '13

What a cutie. :)

BastiansMommy 1 child; Shelton, Washington 2428 posts
26th Mar '13
Quoting Bella_Chelle:" What a cutie. :)"

He's adorable and already knows it...I'm definitely gonna have a handful when he can use it to his advantage haha