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    • It is a job for teenagers -- Votes: 2
    • I would prefer an older mother -- Votes: 27
    • I would never use any type of sitter -- Votes: 7
Little Bit's Momma Due October 21 (boy); 33 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 7479 posts
27th Mar '13

I don' think it's embarrassing to be a care giver to children. /shrug for my to trust my kids with someone says something

Roo & Sophie's mama 2 kids; Denton, Texas 9318 posts
27th Mar '13
Quoting ℳonster's ℳom:" I'd prefer to hire somebody who is older with experience then a teenager who would be texting the entire time."

same.we are looking for a sitter right now and i wont even look at someonesomeone young and prefer someone 25+

Monsters² Mom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Dahlgren, VA, United States 4693 posts
27th Mar '13
Quoting Roo & Sophie's mama:" same.we are looking for a sitter right now and i wont even look at someone young and prefer someone 25+"

I don't even let my 15 year old sister watch my daughter for that very reason. She watched my daughter ONCE and in the ten minutes that it took for me to go and mail a letter I come back to find my baby girl with a nasty second degree burn on her cheek. Come to find out my sister had left a lighter on the table (after she lit about seven candles so the thing was f**king hot) and DD picked it up and burned her cheek. This was six months ago and my poor baby still a freaking scar from my sisters carelessness :( :evil: