Un-f**king-believable! (Long) Mandi Bass 1 child; Minnesota 1135 posts
27th Mar '13

I went out yesterday to grocery shop and go to a Dr.'s appointment. SO's mom watched Timmy at our house, and I was gone about 3 1/2 hours. When I got home I nearly had a heart attack.

SO's mom is sitting on my couch, holding my baby (he's on oxygen by the way) SMOKING A GOD DAMNED CIGARETTE!!!!! And there's an ashtray on the coffee table filled with butts- so she's apparently been doing this the entire time that I was gone!

I freaked out, snatched my baby up and asked her what in the hell she was doing. She told me "just having a smoke". Just having a smoke? Just having a god damned smoke?! With a 26 week micro preemie with chronic lung disease, sleep apnea, and subglottic stenosis, not only in the house with you, but in your freaking lap?!

I took Timmy into his room- the door had been shut all day so it was thankfully smoke free, closed the door, and then went off on SO's mom. About 2 minutes into me telling her off I hear the microwave ding and go open it. There sits a freaking bottle of formula. I ask her about this and she informs me that she's been making them like this all day and "there's nothing wrong with doing it that way. Warming up in the sink takes to long." I told her to get the hell out of my house.

Fast forward a half hour later when Timmy wakes up. He immediately starts crying/screaming. Hardcore. Like i've never heard him cry like that before. So I rush into his room and pick him up and see his tongue is all red with blisters on it. Off to the ER we go. He has 2nd degree burns on his tongue. Because "warming his bottle up in the sink takes to long."

She calls today to tell me that she's coming over to visit with Timmy and is bringing her friends over to meet him. Hello!!! You just abused my son, and now you're trying to bring a bunch of strangers over to see him and expose him to possible RSV germs? I told her that no, she is not coming over here, ever again, and hung up the phone.
Oh my god... I just want to drive over there and strangle the b***h to death!

loser mom Due June 24 (twins); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Oslo, Norway, ,,, Europe 11812 posts
status 27th Mar '13

Not cool.

She could have blown up your house lighting up next to an oxygen tank.

user banned 2 kids; Silly, Belgium 6539 posts
27th Mar '13

Holy shit.. that's unreal. How did she manage to raise your SO? :shock:

Little_Discourage 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Kansas 31498 posts
27th Mar '13


I don't even know what to say.

ILOVEWINE Due April 24; 2 kids; Sweden 10814 posts
27th Mar '13

Oh my god! I would kick her in the face. What does your SO say?

Pnire:] 2 kids; Utah 1097 posts
27th Mar '13

I'd be in jail if I were you .....

Madi's*Mama Due November 2; 1 child; Holland, Michigan 7391 posts
27th Mar '13
Quoting loser mom:" Not cool. She could have blown up your house lighting up next to an oxygen tank. "


Rydee's Momma♥ 17 kids; Ottawa, Ontario 2049 posts
27th Mar '13

:0. I would be hurting someone

[Doe Eyed Dirty Lurker] ; 18 kids; noneya, TN, United States 3245 posts
27th Mar '13

Holy ignorant b***

Inquisitor. 1 child; Mississippi 9205 posts
status 27th Mar '13

What the f**k!! I would have slapped her. She could have blown up the house.

Little Bit's Momma Due October 21 (boy); 33 kids; North Richland Hills, Texas 7479 posts
27th Mar '13

I would have murdered her. holy shit balls

Klaus 2 kids; Mississippi 25123 posts
status 27th Mar '13

OMG :shock:

What did your SO say? I would seriously have lost it.

Lauralie89 3 kids; Pennsylvania 2244 posts
27th Mar '13

What. The. f**k. I wouldn't let her near my children again...

captain uterus 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Upland, 11817 posts
27th Mar '13

what a b***h!!!! what does your so/dh say?

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
27th Mar '13

I did not expect this to be this bad when I first started reading.
If that was my MIL, she would NEVER EVER see my child again. And DH would be 100% onboard. She'd be banned from our children, at least for a VERY long time.
And she wasn't even apologetic!! She really thought she'd be coming over the next day and bringing her friends?? WTH is she thinking? Honestly, she sounds like a nutcase. She saw nothing wrong with what she did, and on top of that actually physically abused your child. SMH. That sucks, I'm SO sorry your son had to endure that. I'd be punching holes in the wall, FOR REAL. And it takes a lot for me to lose my cool. But that would do it. Poor baby. :( :(