DannyPete&MaggieKate's Ma 2 kids; Weymouth, Massachusetts 4325 posts
30th Mar '13
Quoting Leslie Graham-Newton:" In rolla Missouri there is this legend about a man half man half goat and its called GoatMans grave well ... [snip!] ... are you while me and my husband were cuddling in bed got up and checked our son was asleep in his room 2 stories below ?!?!?!?!"

How do you sleep that far away from your son? I totally have attachment issues lol

*Jessabelle* 1 child; Elephant Butte, New Mexico 531 posts
30th Mar '13

My dad used to live in one of the oldest houses in the state. It came complete with a (cliched) little girl ghost in a long white dress. He woke up once in the middle of the night with her sitting on his nightstand, swinging her feet through the cabinet at the bottom. The toys in my niece's play room would be moved around when my niece wasn't home and nobody else had been on the same floor. Especially the tea set, it would all be turned upside down when you came back in the room.

My mid-20's step-bro woke up once and went to go down the stairs to the kitchen for a drink of water, saw the ghost standing at the bottom of the stairs. He thought it was our niece, same size and long blonde hair. He fussed at her to go back to bed, until she turned around. He ran back up the stairs and spent the rest of the night locked in his closet. :D

Sara❥ 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 8621 posts
30th Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Asher and Haddie's Mommy:</b>" I'd ditch that shit! Don't make me have a panic attack over nothing!!!! Lol."</blockquote>

Bahaha! I know right. I don't think I've moved that fast, ever!

Leslie Graham-Newton Due April 16 (girl); 2 kids; Rolla, Missouri 193 posts
2nd Apr '13

He is a great kid im so used to it now my first week though I had to stay on the main floor just in case....