Missing My Angel Brittany Bernard Due July 1; West Monroe, Louisiana 5 posts
30th Mar '13

I found out I was pregnant in January of 2012. This was my first baby I was so excited. I could not wait. When I found out she was a little girl I got even more excited which I did not know was possible. When I was a little over three months pregnant they did the triple panel test and it came back positive for a possibility of downs syndrome. As I got further along the doctors noticed on the ultrasounds that she had a fold behind her neck and that her femur length was not right. They also thought that her little heart was not all the way right. They gave me the option to continue with my pregnancy or terminate. I could not stand the thought of just killing my little girl without even giving her a chance so I continued on with my pregnancy. For the next couple of weeks everything was ok. Every appointment her heartbeat was strong so I had high hopes. It was about 2 days before my last appointment with her I had a sharp pain in my stomach for about two minutes I had just stood up so I thought that I pulled a muscle. I could have swore I felt her move after that so I blew it off. When I went in for my appointment I told the doctor when they started the ultrasound wow she is actually keeping still for you. That't when I got the look and the worst news anyone could ever hear. He told me that my little girls (Khloe Irene) heart had stopped. I was in shock I could not think I could not speak and I could not move. He then proceeded to ask me what I wanted to do. And that is when I snapped. What am I supposed to do I had no clue. He told me I could go home and let my body go into labor naturally and have her or I could get induced. That next morning I went to the hospital to be induced and thankfully they kept me drugged up I dont remember much until it counted. Around three A.M I started having really bad contractions and my hubby pressed the button for the nurse to come in and I told her that the pain meds were not helping and I wanted the epidural. The minute she left the room to go get it for me my little girl was born. At 3:24 A.M on June 22 2012 my little angel was born sleeping into this world. I miss her so much she is and will always be my world. I am now almost seven months pregnant with her little sister and everything terrifies me. I think the E.R is sick of me but I cant help it. I still cry almost every night for my little girl but I know she is with me always. Just thought I would share and tons of <3 and support to all the other angel mommies and daddies out there.

mommy2thing1&thing2 Due November 11 (girl); 2 kids; Phoenix, Arizona 3064 posts
30th Mar '13

Im sorry mama :( but congrats on your pregnancy! I hope everything goes good and your baby girl is full term and healthy :)

Sara❥ 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 8621 posts
30th Mar '13

Hugs! Congrats on your pregnancy!