I think. Mama? Japan 1 posts
31st Mar '13

I may have had a miscarriage but I'm not absolutely postive. My period was late but I chalked it up to stress so when I started bleeding I assumed it was my period. But then I started cramping, like lower back/abdominal cramping....sorry for TMI but there was blood and clots and mucus....If I take a pregnancy test will it even show up? Or will I have to go to a doctor? I dont have insurance so I dont really know what to do, this has never happened to me before.

lynnsaymarie 1 child; 1 angel baby; Western, NY, United States 2772 posts
31st Mar '13

There's really nothing they could do for you. Take ibuprofen. If you soak through a pad in an hour or develop a fever or nausea/vommiting go to the er. Otherwise let nature do its thing. :/