How did you know... Stevie Renae 2 kids; North Carolina 11857 posts
31st Mar '13

You were going into labor?

blessed with girls x5 Due December 25 (girl); 4 kids; Wisconsin 6329 posts
31st Mar '13

I had bloody show and contractions 20 min apart.

MinnesotaMommy2One 1 child; Minnesota 2632 posts
status 31st Mar '13

MY water broke lol

ღ.ღ.ღ 3 kids; South Carolina 7316 posts
31st Mar '13

I didn't, with my first i was asleep and got seriously strong contractions at exactly 7am, with my second i was laying in bed and my water broke and my 3rd i was induced, i had irregular contractions though.

LIVE.OUT.LOUD Due July 11 (boy); 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Lawrenceville, Georgia 1624 posts
31st Mar '13

Like before I actually went into labor? I had no clue. I just started having contractions.

.Jezebel. 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 9593 posts
31st Mar '13

My water broke!

Angel [Mariah's Mommy] 1 child; Indianapolis, Indiana 18065 posts
31st Mar '13

I didn't. I called my midwife because I was bleeding heavily. I didn't know I was contracting until she asked me to describe what kind of pain I was in.

Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4132 posts
31st Mar '13

The contractions had been going for hours. They weren't stopping, they were getting stronger, and all the walking I did at work about had me in tears by the end of my shift.

ERMAGHERD BEEDS! 17 kids; Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 4099 posts
31st Mar '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Tasha Norman:</b>" MY water broke lol"</blockquote>

This, lol

Lauralie89 3 kids; Pennsylvania 2244 posts
31st Mar '13

My first I was in denial the first 7 hrs lol. My second my water broke. My third I woke up to my contractions being 3 mins apart.

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
31st Mar '13

With my first my water broke and contractions started getting really bad.
With my second. The doctor asked if I wanted to be admitted or go home. I wasnt in active labor yet but I was 5cm. At 6:30am she came in and said your contractions have gone from 2 min apart to 15-20minutes you can go home or I can break your water. She broke my water and that put my into hardcore active labor.

Gone 17 kids; Miami, FL, United States 15414 posts
31st Mar '13

Contractions were just back to back. The whole day I was having them but from midnight to 4 AM they were constant, like every 3 minutes.

Amber n dave Due August 28; 3 kids; Wisconsin 2690 posts
31st Mar '13

I had a feeling I was going to go into labor. 6 hours later we were in l&d and I was giving birth.

Gosloving 1 child; Washington 12831 posts
31st Mar '13

It was past my due date. I started bleeding and getting really painful contractions.

M&M12/13 Due October 15; 2 kids; noidea, TX, United States 7598 posts
31st Mar '13

My water broke :) but I felt off that whole day and my mom told me I would go into labor on april 2nd 2 months prior. I believed her and I did.