yay ♥♬♡ 2 kids; Pennsylvania 10385 posts
2nd Apr '13

I just gave away 6 FULL big black garbage bags, of baby boy and baby girl clothes to someone in need :) free of charge of course. Glad I can help someone like that, I see so many people sell them, so I just gave it away. ITS USED! haha

Bogey Woman 2 kids; Fort Irwin, California 1892 posts
2nd Apr '13

I just did that for someone who is having a baby too :) Though not NEARLY that much lol. I would rather not sell it if I can give it to someone who truly needs it.

Amanda.M 2 kids; St Albans, Vermont 890 posts
2nd Apr '13

I never sold any of my baby stuff from my daughter. I always just gave it to a pregnant friend. They all have done the same for me. I just got about 2 black garbage bags of boy clothes this passed weekend from someone and I have an other friend who has told me that she plans on giving me her sons clothes as he grows out of them!