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3rd Apr '13


Mari-C 18 kids; Nebraska 3695 posts
3rd Apr '13

How could her doc not know? lol
My DD's pedi always asks if she is doing certain things and then hands me a sheet that has activities she should be doing already and things I can do with her.
I think at 6 months they should be rolling over on their own, or trying too. DD is a chunk so she would do a "half" roll lol. Sitting up assisted if not already on their own. Grasping at items. Tummy time.

Kenley's Mama* 1 child; Staten Island, New York 109 posts
3rd Apr '13

My DD turned 6 months on the 27th also.. she has been sitting unassisted for about 2 weeks, during tummy time she does baby push ups and can move herself a few inches forward, she pick toys up from the floor when they are close to her, she will put a toy down and grab another that catches her eye, she has started saying nananana & mamamama.... she doesn't roll though, I mean she has rolled each way a few times but I guess she doesn't like it much lol :)

KyliesMommy2012 Tokyo, Japan 1159 posts
3rd Apr '13