How did you Take me as I am 18 kids; Wyoming 1669 posts
3rd Apr '13

Remove the bottle? LO is 16 months and yes still on a bottle and the only time he will use a sippy is when he drinks water or Juice. I have put milk in one and hes never taken it. He also wakes at night still to eat grrrr so any ideas, thoughts that might help to one get fully on the sippy and two how to stop night feedings.. TIA have a wonderful night

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
3rd Apr '13

Throw them away. I told my daughter (at 21 months) that she was a big girl now and only babies needed bottles. We packed them all up and "sent" them to other babies who needed them. Then when she was over the bottle we went to the store and she got to pick out a big girl toy.

whitneynator 1 child; Iowa 4114 posts
3rd Apr '13

DS was about that age and I just threw them all away. Unfortunately, nap time stopped them too, but we just tried a bunch of cups until he liked one.

Cindy[+2]♥ Due August 15 (girl); TTC since Jul 2014; 1 child; Kentucky 11267 posts
3rd Apr '13

I just took it and gave her a sippy.. She was broke over night.. She was on the bottle until about 18 months!

mom of three Due March 26; 3 kids; Missouri 6335 posts
3rd Apr '13

LO was 12 months old when I just threw them all away.

Allys_mommy 1 child; 2 angel babies; Waterloo, New York 1237 posts
status 3rd Apr '13

got rid of ours before first birthday just threw them away and she could of cared less and ty giving a snack before bed my DD has slept through the night since seven weeks so thats really the only thing i could suggest

Subtle As A Hurricane 2 kids; Texas 4132 posts
3rd Apr '13

At 12 months I just took them away and didn't give them back.