Leopald Elliot Grace (18 weeks) Due September 22; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 18233 posts
status 5th Apr '13

Is that how you spell it? We met a little boy name leopald at the park and he was so cute! Made me love the name! I also love the NN Leo but don't like Leonard

killingbird 5evr 2 kids; 1 angel baby; North Carolina 10150 posts
status 5th Apr '13

I love the name Leo but I don't like any of the names that its short for. Lol

And Leopold... I think.

linsα 2 kids; Bordeaux, AQ, France 28780 posts
status 5th Apr '13


There is also Leonidas and Leonius.

мɑkɑnɑni ~*~, FL, United States 63125 posts
5th Apr '13

It's cute. I love Leonidas.

Mrs. Tebow 2 kids; El Paso, Texas 6684 posts
5th Apr '13

If we ever have a boy I'm naming him Leon :wink:

Marc is on the fence about it but idgaf

Toni A 1 child; Ypsilanti, Michigan 1073 posts
5th Apr '13

I have also known a Leonardo that we called Leo. It could be a big name for a little boy, but Da Vinci is one of the most fascinating men in history.

Aura and Luna's Mommy 2 kids; Danville, Indiana 5805 posts
5th Apr '13

Makes me think of South park