My body First Time Momma(: 1 child; Columbus, Ohio 688 posts
5th Apr '13

Doesn't look horrible I have a few stretch marks on my belly. I'm not totally comfortable with how my body looks. I'm not how I used to be tho. I'm about 180 lbs and 5'7
How do you moms feel about your body. I wish I could lost about 20-30 lbs

user banned Lesbos, Greece 95211 posts
5th Apr '13

I yoyo between 150 and 160 at any given moment but I'm typically 150ish. I'm 5'7.

I am completely okay with how my body is. If my excess skin bothers me that much, I have Rago and Spanx. VS makes amazing bras for lift.

Magic Mommy 3 kids; Vermont 1274 posts
5th Apr '13

I have had 3 kids. My oldest being almost 5 and my youngest 18 months.
I didn't get stretch marks very bad.
However I have had alot of issues losing my baby weight for my son.
I am 5'1 and 136 pounds.
Although if you look at me I have a huge ass (which is where.alot of my weight is lol) and I don't really have love handle, I dont have a completely flat stomach, I have a tiny pooch which is the hardest to get rid of.
So in the end I'm fairly comfortable with myself even though I still need to do some work :)

Kylie's👣Mommy. 1 child; 1 angel baby; Texas 3430 posts
5th Apr '13

Don't kill me. I'm 124 lbs. I'm 5'5. And I feel like my body is disgusting. I go to the gym mon-fri. So I'm changing it. But I just hate it :(

Ꭶwan♥Nemo 1 child; Kansas City, Missouri 7416 posts
5th Apr '13

I waft between 230-250 right now. Im 5'6" and generally Im fine with my body. Im very shapely and carry it well. I have no one to impress but my SO and he loves it so...Im good.

Arks Mama! ಠ_ಠ 1 child; Utah 2401 posts
5th Apr '13
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