what are last minute "must haves" Mrs.O! 18 kids; Hawaii 21029 posts
5th Apr '13

well I'll be having my daughter soon and I wanted to know what are some of those things you thought of right before you went into the hospital?...Last night we bought a point and shoot camera because I can't imagine DH taking pictures of LO with my DSLR and trying to be part of everything at the same time..(last time we had a friend who was in the delivery room as everything was happening and he took all the pictures for us.)..I am thinking of what else I'd possibly need and I'm gonna go and get it tonight..

I have all the toiletries I know I'll need(the last time I had a baby the hospital didn't provide us with much) I bought some extra pajama pants and comfort clothes..I might have to bring LO with us (since everyone has a tight schedule this weekend/upcoming week so I'm bringing my laptop and a few of his favorite dvd's so he can just chill out and watch them while I try not to freak him out with my whole laboring...and I really can't think of anything else...I hope I'm set!! I'd hate to get there and go "crap, I should've brought that!"

Logan&Lilly's Mommy Due June 30; 2 kids; Virginia 2673 posts
status 5th Apr '13

Laptop charger, phone charger, camera charger, and chapstick.
Snacks for LO.

bloopbloop♥ 1 child; Illinois 13681 posts
5th Apr '13

I brought clothes for me socks, underwear(didn't use them actually), bra, sweater
flip flops
hair ties needed those
clothes for SO
he brought his laptop movies but didn't use the movies..
phones cameras cords for them
SO needed a blanket because our room was freezing. so someone brought him one
I brought the baby blankets, carseart, 2 sets of clothes, hats, socks, mittens. Tis all for baby.

Mrs.O! 18 kids; Hawaii 21029 posts
5th Apr '13
Quoting Logan&Lilly's Mommy:" Laptop charger, phone charger, camera charger, and chapstick. Snacks for LO."

yeah, I'm gonna go and buy a bag just for my electronics/chargers....I'm seriously trying so hard to be super prepared!

Mrs.O! 18 kids; Hawaii 21029 posts
5th Apr '13
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Jae- DJ Jordyn & Cams Mom 3 kids; San Diego, California 5928 posts
5th Apr '13

I forgot a brush and a shirt to wear home. In the hustle and bussel of getting changed at the hospital my folded clothes from when I got to the hospital ended up a wrinkled mess. I ended up going home in a nursing tank (looks like an undershirt)

I would say all you need is laptop/iPad, camera, chargers, toiletries, and clothes to go home in for you and baby

I forgot to buy mylocan for at home