If your child has a sandbox... Meli ❤ 1 child; Don't worry about it, CA, United States 31068 posts
5th Apr '13

Where did you get it? and did they carry the sand where you got the sandbox?

user banned New York 15996 posts
5th Apr '13

Toys r us and no we went to walmart for the sand

Naturally Alternative 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Lafayette, Louisiana 6966 posts
status 5th Apr '13

I got the sandbox from someone on CL but it's just one of those green turtle sand boxes. Walmart carries sand but I don't recommend it. It said play sand but it's pretty course... I got some last year from Lowes and it was tons better, fine and without rocks. Though it does blow a bit more than the walmart sand so take that into account.

.Jezebel. 1 child; Sumter, South Carolina 9597 posts
5th Apr '13

Walmart. Yes they sell the sand. You can have a place deliver it but its more expensive.

MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 46928 posts
5th Apr '13

FIL built a big wooden sandbox for the kids. Got the sand at Home Depot. Also got the kids a little crab shaped sandbox at TRU and got the sand there, too.

Tikaytasha 17 kids; New York 11503 posts
5th Apr '13

I had one when I was younger. Got it from toys r us I believe and my stepdad had an actual sand company deliver the sand.