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9th Apr '13
Quoting Derp:" Absolutely gorgeous! I've never seen anything quite like the engagement ring. It's interesting. And is there a pink diamond in it or is that just a reflection of the prop?"

Thank you!
Just the reflection of the lilac rose.

The diamond is non-standard quality for jewelery, a little much by some people's opnion because it's near perfect colour (D), which means it reflects and catches light like crazy. And the setting just blew away when I saw it, Husband did so well, I couldn't have picked a more beautiful one myself

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9th Apr '13

I only wear the wedding ring because I never did get an engagement ring. We were talking about getting a set so that they could go together but I really love this one

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9th Apr '13

It really just comes down to what you would rather wear. I personally just wear one ring to represent our engament and my wedding band. Here is a picture of both of ours. He doesn't wear his due to the line of work he is in, but puts it on for the times he isn't working. I only take mine off when I am cleaning or showering.


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9th Apr '13

I wear both of my rings w/ the band on the inside. If I were to choose one, I'd wear my band cause I'd feel weird only wearing my engagement ring.

here's a picture of just the engagement ring:
<a href=DSC00108.jpg" />

& here's a picture of both of ours [excuse my manly hands :lol: ]
<a href=OrtizE_LZ118-O1IHL26_06.jpg" />

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9th Apr '13

I wear a mother's ring.

DisneyMommy 34 kids; Florida 6301 posts
9th Apr '13

I did when I was married, my Husband had my engagement and wedding band melded together. Now I wear a simple solitaire engagement ring from my SO on my finger, and the ring from my first marriage on a necklace chain.