Frequent balling up 36 weeks 4 days preggo mrssenorita TTC since Jul 2012; California 489 posts
11th Apr '13

so I have been having this frequent and regular balling up feeling in upper abdomen (right below my ribs)since 2 weeks. It becomes so tight and my lower abdomen just becomes completely fat and flat, does this mean baby not dropped yet? since most of the pressure I feel is on top. are these signs of labor? I also feel pain where i pee(may be due to pressure , no UTI tested and diagnosed)

FYI i am FTM and GD mom (Baby movement is just absolutely fine)

Elle With FOUR! 4 kids; Wichita, KS, United States 18964 posts
11th Apr '13

It's not a sign of anything. It doesn't mean anything.