Sprintec 28?! *possible TMI* .:Denverssexyiest:. 34 kids; Denver, Colorado 480 posts
11th Apr '13

I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, also I'm online from my phone so this is a bit tricky so please be patient with me. So I'm curious has anybody taken Sprintec 28 day regimen and gotten pregnant? If so, did you ever skip a pill or take it at different times? I have been on Sprintec 28 for 2 months now, I USUALLY take it at the same time everyday ( I know I should take it at the same time everyday). I skipped it on Monday, because I was supposed ro have knee surgery and my doctor advised me to take it later that day. While my surgery was canceled and I forgot to take it (stupid pn my part, I know). While Tuesday, I woke up bleeding really heavy (TMI sorry) so I doubled up as my doctor advised. Wednesday I was still bleeding but took an active pill (figured the bleeding was from forgetting it on Monday). The bleeding finally stopped this morning. But both yesterday and today I've felt so nauseated that I continuesly throw up (TMI sorry). So last night I slept it off. But then again today I've felt the same way all day. It feels as if I'm on a constant tilt-a-whirl. I've also noticed my sense of smell has changed A LOT!!! Also my b**bs kill (TMI sorry). I've also been expierencing frequent headaches and extreme thirst. My sex drive has also change quite a bit. My period is due soon. Has anynody felt like this on sprintec? TIA for any information :)