OPKs...confused?? Mrs. Post-tato Head 4 kids; 1 angel baby; 6873 posts
12th Apr '13


Does it look like I missed my surge?? I didn't end up testing until like 5pm yesterday (CD 11) because I wasn't home and I have been testing in the afternoon around 1pm... I'm wondering if I'd have tested at 1pm yesterday maybe it would've been +... IDK... Any thoughts??? Sigh.

Amelia [a Mom] 1 child; 4 angel babies; Tallahassee, Florida 17949 posts
status 12th Apr '13

No mine do that too. If you're only CD 12 that's pretty early. Keep testing!

JJ+Steven&David 2 kids; 1 angel baby; ., MO, United States 11344 posts
12th Apr '13

How long are your cycles usually?

I didn't get a positive until cd 18 with this little guy.

Mrs.Rachael +2.5 Due November 28 (girl); 18 kids; Shreveport, Louisiana 10326 posts
12th Apr '13

Nope you just haven't gotten there yet, just keep testing. When you get your first positive it will be a huge difference

Katie & Clay's Mommy! TTC since Jan 2012; 18 kids; Louisiana 2847 posts
12th Apr '13

It could just be early. Mine do that sometimes. But I started taking vitex 3 days ago due to my cycles being wacky and so far this month I haven't gotten a positive or near positive opk. I've gotten real dark negatives though. But I got some real bad pains on my left side today and I took an opk tonight to see what it would do and BAM ! Positive opk so I'm hoping it's doing it's thing and regulating me.

JJ+Steven&David 2 kids; 1 angel baby; ., MO, United States 11344 posts
12th Apr '13

Here's a lineup of mine to compare. Then my positive opk. Don't know why I didn't line that up with the others.


shay +3 TTC since Dec 2014; 3 kids; 3 angel babies; Utah 447 posts
13th Apr '13

I don't think you missed your surge. I started using those exact opk's the month I got pregnant with this baby, and really disliked them. The tests would go dark, then light, then dark again. I never got a fade in pattern like I did when using First Response. I just got a positive randomly one day, and then for 2 more days after that.