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    • baby magic -- Votes: 2
    • Johnson and Johnson -- Votes: 4
    • Aveeno -- Votes: 9
    • store brand ( equate, up & up, dollar tree, etc.) -- Votes: 2
P Pickle Pants 98 kids; California 20522 posts
15th Apr '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Moses.:</b>" It's sickening what money can buy. People always assume nothing is unsafe that the big ol protective government allows! Especially food, all food is safe, the FDA says so!!!"</blockquote>

I can't afford organic (big sad face!) but I cook from SCRATCH and my son eats broccoli and mustard greens and spinach without complaint--(we had spinach salads with broccoli in them and mustard greens saut

SIDS survivor 17 kids; Washington 196 posts
15th Apr '13

California Baby!! Johnson & Johnson has formaldehyde in it, what they use to preserve dead bodies! and can be carcinogenic. If you buy it in Europe it's reformulated to not have those toxic chemicals in it. I guess their government cares more about it than ours, but they also don't have transfats over there either. USA doesn't really care that much about how healthy the stuff they sell us is.