Implantation questions TaylorRenae TTC since May 2009; 2 angel babies; Farmington, NY, United States 11038 posts
14th Apr '13

Does implantation bleeding occur as the blastocyst is implanting or does it occur afterwards?

I got to thinking and was curious. I had been having some cramping and the other day I wiped to find brownish, white discharge. This is odd! I've never had white discharge. I have no burning or itching so it's not an infection.

Please share your experiences with implantation if you had signs!

Leah+2 2 kids; Texas 5797 posts
14th Apr '13

After. The bleeding you see is after it travels out of the uterus and down the vaginal opening. I think it's 24-48 hours lapse.

Roxanne.♥ Due January 21; 1 child; California 1249 posts
14th Apr '13

I had implantation bleeding that lasted for 2-3 days and it was light happened like a week and a half to two weeks after my period.. So not sure exactly when I had sex but yeah :/

***Team Jacob*** 2 kids; California 4066 posts
18th Apr '13

any update?