Kid nervous in school? Impending_Doom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Colorado 925 posts
15th Apr '13

My 3.5 year old is brilliant. Not to brag, or anything, but she is, lol. At home, she's always writing her name legibly, can spell and read simple words (fox, box, nut, fan, etc). She knows all the letters, their sounds, can count to 39, knows all her colors, shapes, and whatnot. Her memory is amazing. She'll remember and talk about events and people that were 2 years ago. I've seen her at her full potential. However, when she goes to school, all this goes down the drain. I mean, she'll retain some of it, but her handwriting goes to crap, she won't spell, and she won't answer questions I KNOW she knows the answer to. Her teachers don't even believe me when I tell them about the things she does at HOME. I just don't get it. Is she afraid to show her smarts? Maybe nervous? How do I find out what's keeping her form shining in school? How do I help her?

1inpink2inblue Switzerland 11961 posts
15th Apr '13

Honestly I think that is just kids for you. It often takes time for them to get to a point where they are comfortable in school enough to show what they really know. My Ds will be 2 next month and he is so flipin smart. He says his abcs. Will count. can follow actual plots in tv shows and movies out side of cartoons. Some of the things he does makes my jaw hit the freaking floor. But if I try to get him to do or say the littlest thing in front of some one just for get it. He has to decide to do it on his own or not at all. I swear it freaks my mom out when she watches him because he will just start talking in complete sentences and calling her on bluffs and stuff lol. She will call me and be all Megan! Did you know he could do that?... Yes mom lol. But when we just go over to visit he mainly babbles and sits with me or his pawpaw. DD was always very smart IMO but she has got nothing on her brother.

Impending_Doom 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Colorado 925 posts
15th Apr '13

Lol, that's exactly how my daughter is/always has been. But it's just so frustrating. I don't want them to keep her out of kindergarten when she turns 5, just because she won't SHOW her smarts. I know I've still got a year and a half before that, but it still worries me. :(