snglemama 4 kids; Georgia 11978 posts
18th Apr '13

depends on your custody agreement. I'm shocked everyone says it's his responsibility. my papers, and every divorced mom I know...their papers say we have to motify theotherparent of medical stuff, and keep them informed of school information.

Brody, Astoria & Slader's 3 kids; Oregon 2029 posts
19th Apr '13

Thanks everyone, I appreciate all the info! Snlglemama, that's what originally made me question this. Currently, we have no parenting plan or anything. We broke up & he just kind of went & did his own thing. He does nothing for them at all. Anyways though, sample parenting plans I've seen specify who needs to update who & on what so it got me wondering. I just really want to have my ass covered worst case. So I guess I'll keep doing what I'm doing. I imagine it won't be long before he gets yet another new number but takes months to tell me so maybe he'll just fade himself out :(