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Para gaurd L&C's MoMMy 2 kids; Michigan 367 posts
15th Apr '13

So I got para guard put in last week and I'm having bleeding and cramping like a normal period would do. Is that a normal amount or too much

user banned 1 child; :), :), United States 5380 posts
15th Apr '13

It's normal. If the pain gets worse, I'd call the doctor though.

Mom of 4 Little Boys! 4 kids; 2 angel babies; Hillsboro, Oregon 5463 posts
15th Apr '13

When I got back in September I had cramping including in my back for the first two weeks before it subsided. Unfortunately, the bleeding never stopped for me so I ended up having it removed in February after only 5 months. Hopefully, it will work better for you. Good luck!

wyatt.earp. 2 kids; Tacoma, Washington 2166 posts
15th Apr '13

i got mine like a month ago and ive had no issues. i had bleeding and cramping for the first week.