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17th Apr '13

My oldest turned 6 in June and my middle was born in July, it was easy but my oldest had a lot of resentmant towards the baby and now at (11 in june) and 5 in july, my oldest still does not like my middle daughter, its more then just fighting its hard to explain but she is 100% jealous of her still and just does not like her. My youngest was born in feb 2012 and is 9.5 yrs younger then my oldest and 3.5 younger then my middle, and both love the baby (now 14 months) My oldest does not resent her like my middle.

But my oldest also has aspergers so it maybe related to that.
But overall it wasnt hard to deal with the age gap at all, it was easy, lots of help from siblings etc......

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15th Sep
Quoting malibu.:" This thought has crossed my mine, too! I know once the baby is here, it'll be different... I suppose ... [snip!] ... 2 different fathers, I'm not really sure how my DD is going to react- I don't think she really understands that part yet."

I am in nearly the same exact boat, I worry about the age gap a lot and if my daughter is going to feel left out or like the baby is more important cause she will nee more from me. Also that they will have different dads because the new babies dad will be with us everyday and she goes to her dads one week a month. I just feel like she's not going to fully understand that they are sisters in every way but there are some differences with their lives. It makes me sad and worried sometimes.:?