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Apr 15th '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting Will☮Creedence:</b>" I understand. I felt the exact same way, it took me until my son was almost 2 to leave. I feel like I ... [snip!] ... and are happier than ever). You will feel so much better once you leave and can focus on yourself and your child. I know I did."</blockquote>

That's exactly how I feel....I don't want a mindset like this anymore...We spent almost a week a part once...he was screaming at me/slamming things so loud during a fight the neighbors called the cops...I asked him to leave and during that week we were separated I felt soo much better. Like a shadow had been lifted or something. I guess I can't keep waiting for him to just wake up and change. It's been years and years of this.