Sudden Fever w/no other symptoms? ★Mommarazzi★ 1 child; Arkansas 9705 posts
15th Apr '13

My 3yr old woke up today with a fever. Idk exactly how high it was b/c the thermometer we have is messed up. You could tell he felt bad; He barely ate today and he slept and laid on the couch pretty much all day. But the weird thing is he didn't/doesn't have a cough, runny nose, upset stomach, or anything besides the fever.

Anyone have any ideas?

My friends baby had a fever like this yesterday and she went to the Dr. today but they couldn't find anything wrong with her. He wasn't around her this weekend though.

MamaOf2Angels TTC since Apr 2013; 32 kids; Virginia 49 posts
15th Apr '13

Could be some form of infection? (Bladder, ear, ect.)

Jennybananna 2 kids; Gilbert, AZ, United States 25079 posts
15th Apr '13

Same thing happend with my 1 year old then a day or two later she showed signs of a cold. Could also be an infection of some sort if the fever lasts longer than 3 days then take him in.

★Mommarazzi★ 1 child; Arkansas 9705 posts
15th Apr '13

Yeah maybe an ear infection.. He's only had two and that was the only signs of an ear infection he's ever had was a fever. He never touched his ears or anything. Idk why I didn't think about that. Ugh I hope it's not an ear infection :(

Ugh idk I'll see how he is tomorrow and then make an apt if I need to