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16th Apr '13

My ex husband was this way and one of the many reasons he is my ex. My boyfriend of almost a year, however, will drop everything to watch MY son if I am sick. I had the flu when we were together only 5 months and he stayed over for 5 days to watch over Wyatt and came in to the room whenever I needed him, got me medicine, and made sure I was drinking water.

Oh and when my fever spiked to 104, he slept on the couch outside of my bedroom so he would be close if needed. God I love him, and yes, your husband is a douche.

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16th Apr '13
Quoting Belle.:" I'm puking/sitting on the toilet. Crying in pain because my stomache hurts so bad and I asked him to ... [snip!] ... Like f**k you buddy when you are sick I tend to your every single need and when I'm sick you kick me while I'm down. Thanks."

wat a ass

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16th Apr '13
Quoting The Pretender:" Are there really this many women on BG that think so little of themselves that they date, marry and have babies with extremely douchy guys???"

I ask myself this constantly.