Trouble Sleeping. Need Help ♥ Rhienn ♥ 18 kids; California 11462 posts
18th Apr '13

So my 11month old has been having trouble sleeping only at night. She will nurse about 830 and just toss and turn, until about 10-1030pm and finally go to bed.
Even when i nurse her in the middle of the night, she does the same thing for about 10-15min,, sometimes she will even knock out sitting down and i have to lay her down.

For the past 3 nights, she will wake up about 2-3xs a night and Scream her head off, cry and nothing i can do can really sooth her. I try to nurse her, rock her, sing to her, lay her back down, nothing helps until shes done crying for a good 5min and whining for another 5min. But as im doing all this, she is tossing and turning, when i do hold her, she throws herself back.

Anyone have this problem? Any tips? Suggestions? I am so tired and i know she is to