Black Cat 1 child; Marvel, PA, United States 3790 posts
19th Apr '13

I like it rough. Don't think I've ever really had slow sensual sex. I've tried, but it just turns into dirty, raunchy f**king. :wink:

MysticWitchKat 2052 posts
19th Apr '13
Quoting Miss Brittany:" I like it rough. Don't think I've ever really had slow sensual sex. I've tried, but it just turns into dirty, raunchy f**king. :wink:"

This made me giggle

jazzzzz* 2 kids; Beverly Hills, California 7558 posts
19th Apr '13

I like to make love.

Lin Brown 2 kids; Tunnel Hill, Georgia 1801 posts
19th Apr '13

i don't really like going slow when it comes to sex, so i look at it as regardless of what kind of sex it is, as long as i'm doing it with the man i love, then it is making love

mama2manyyy 33 kids; South Carolina 1823 posts
19th Apr '13

I am not into love making. It is kinda boring to me, sometimes it is nice to start off slow but I really like to just get pounded. Dh does an amazing job pounding, especially from behind. I love to feel raw afterwards and bruised inside, its an amazing reminder of what he has done to me. I don't like to have my ass smacked during sex but I like for him to spank me, he doesn't do it often but its something that we both enjoy. I also love to have my nipples pinched and twisted to the point of extreme pain, I have the most amazing orgasms from that. Lately I have been wanting for us to explore more and have wanted to try more pain. We are into light s/m but I would like to take it to the next level.

~*~*~*~ ; 1 child; Biteme, ca, United States 1716 posts
19th Apr '13

We actually do both most of the time, during the same session. We start out one way and it either escalates or simmemers. Unless it's a quicky, of course. Every now and then, I'll want either all hard core animalistic f**k me time or all sweet slow sex but I also think and consider it making love every single time, even quickies. He is my man and I love him, so it is always making love.

Ladee+Grant+Lilly 2 kids; Tallahassee, FL, United States 20493 posts
19th Apr '13
Quoting Sneakthief:" I'm up for a nice hard f**k any day of the week. Makin love, I have to be in the mood for lol."


ßlack Rose ♥ 2 kids; 2 angel babies; Sharon, OK, United States 5335 posts
19th Apr '13

It depends on how I feel. To be honest, I haven't had either of those in a while so I wouldn't be picky. I'll take both!

Damien*Dex*Jaidyn's Momma 18 kids; Pennsylvania 1535 posts
19th Apr '13

Rough sex all the way.

☆ Erica 1 child; Flat Rock, Michigan 1439 posts
19th Apr '13

My SO and I like to start off slow because it's somewhat of a tease. Our best sex always starts off slow and hot and then ends up being rough and kinky ;D So both in one single session, hehe XD

nothingness Arizona 3578 posts
19th Apr '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting MysticWitchKat:</b>" Fuc k The shit out of me? Do you prefer slow, and sensual? Or would rather have your p***y pounded away ... [snip!] ... I want it hard, raw, and kinky :D. Moans,Grunts, Ass smacks, Hard thrusts, Nails ripping down backs, that my kind of sex. HBU?"</blockquote>

Mostly I like it nasty, but I have my nights I wanna slow it down.