mamaluvsher4babies 36 kids; California 4230 posts
Apr 21st '13
Quoting Carissa Biron:" thats what i was thinking to but if there a teenager arent they making there own decisions? lol"

exactly. I think she has mentally/ emotionally damaged him. The mother has issues. Its everything she is doing. Sorry but co-bathing with a teenage boy? If the roles were reversed and the father was co-bathing with his daughter, he would be labled a child molester.

ruffledfeathers Due March 19; 3 kids; Missouri 7619 posts
Apr 21st '13
Quoting Carissa Biron:" you dont think a pre-teen bathing with his mom is unhealthy?"

I didnt say it was "healthy" I said I doubt if its causing damage. I mean, its not like they are doing anything in the tub together besides bathing. In Africa women walk around without shirts on in front of their older sons all the time, it doesnt damage them... I mean seriously. and I highly doubt shes sitting there in front of her son with her legs spread out so he can get a good look at her vagina... I mean, come on.

Vitameatavegamin 19 kids; League City, Texas 5829 posts
Apr 21st '13

I don't particularly CARE if an older kid is breastfeeding if they still want it, but I'd be a liar if I sad I wouldn't be a bit uncomfortable if I saw somebody doing that in public with an older kid. I would never say anything to discourage it or make them feel weird, but for some reason I would feel awkward. But by all means, if the child wants the BM, give it to them if you want to, can't hurt! I think it just seems strange because it's so uncommon.

yo-landi. 2 kids; Kiss my ass, NY, United States 16426 posts
Apr 21st '13

Not my business. I am stopping at 1 year for my own reasons that nobody needs to be thinking about. Whether one wants to breastfeed for 4 days or 4 years is not my concern.

♥Rach♥ 2 kids; Arizona 12877 posts
Apr 21st '13

I don't have a problem with it. My daughter will be two next month and I'm still breastfeeding. She has no interest in weaning. My personal limit is three (I think, lol), but it's not really my business if someone chooses to nurse longer.