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Apr 21st '13
Quoting eKnuckles:" <blockquote><b>Quoting FroggysMommy:</b>" Lets say my child was killed by someone... ... [snip!] ... she would call the police and they never helped or did anything. She eventually busted in and got her daughter out herself."

Ugh I have a student feared to be sold into a sex ring, ugh. It's heartbreaking.

With Lily it was a day long ordeal and I was insane. I finally tracked Lily down and a cop escorted me and told me to get her in my arms, do not put her in her child seat (my Mom was driving) just to hold her and meet him at a location down the street. I was then able to put her in her seat and he said that legally my ex didn't have to give her back. Hes such a f**king c**t face. I wish he would die to be honest because legally he still has rights. It all started because he came back from Texas for 3 months and wanted to see her. One night there, he asked to see her antoher night. The third night I was telling him no but gave in because my now ex wanted to hang out because he was in town. Finally the 4th day he said "I am keeping her and you are not getting her back" when I said that enough was enough, she needed to come home. I was nursing, she needed milk and not be on formula... and he wouldn't give her back so we had to involve the police with it. He's a dickface and I truly, truly hate him.