lost Amber Lytle Due March 21 (boy); Indiana 39 posts
21st Apr '13

I'm 29 weeks pregnant with our second baby I have completely lost my libido on top of that I have painful sciatica so I can't be intimate with my husband I think we only got 'close' once last month and yesterday was our one year wedding anniversary he got mad because I didn't want oral as usual..he knows I can't have sex without pain and I know guys are needy and it hurts me that I can't be there for him sexually but I also think if he cared at all jebwould leave me alone instead of being pushy and perverted everyday now today he is totally ignoring me I feel like crying what do I do? I'm sorry if this makes no sense I'm distraught right now

Lumen.Ash Due November 23; 1 child; Denver, Colorado 1272 posts
21st Apr '13

It makes perfect sense.... Can you use lotion and give him a and job while you watch your favorite show? Hahaha it sounds weird but when my libido is dry and I can't do anything my husband will let me give him oral sex while my show is on so I don't get bored.

Amber Lytle Due March 21 (boy); Indiana 39 posts
21st Apr '13

I guess I could try that later if he stops being mean anyways...thank you