Baby size comparison Lilly and Laya's momma 2 kids; 4 angel babies; Chesapeake, Virginia 7824 posts
21st Apr '13

This is just out of pure curiosity. How much was your first born/second born? Saying that went to term/full term. Was your first one bigger or second? My furst daughter was 7 Lbs 2oz and 18 3/4 inches born at 38.5 weeks. This little girl will be born right around the same time

Mann Makin' Mama[BBM] 18 kids; Dalton, Georgia 11563 posts
21st Apr '13

Eldest was 6lbs 0oz 19.5in at 37 weeks.
Youngest was 6lbs 13oz 20in, he developed IUGR so didn't grow past 35 weeks, but was born at 37.

Sassyscorpio Due November 4; Minnesota 145 posts
21st Apr '13

My fist was bigger- 9lbs 6oz, second was 8lbs 9oz (both boys!)

HamHam Squeekerz 2 kids; Columbus, OH, United States 13724 posts
21st Apr '13

My first was 6lbs 6oz my second 8lbs even. :D

killingbird 5evr 2 kids; 1 angel baby; North Carolina 10105 posts
21st Apr '13

First: 7 lbs 11oz at 37 weeks.
Second: 8 lbs 14 oz at 39 weeks.

MunchkinWrangler 4 kids; Rīga, Latvia 46765 posts
21st Apr '13

First- 39 weeks. 8lbs 10oz. (boy)
Second- 37 weeks. 7lbs 4 oz. (girl)
Third- 37 week. 8lbs (boy)

tonys_mama(army wife) 4 kids; 1 angel baby; Fort Irwin, California 15522 posts
21st Apr '13

First:7lbs 9oz at 39 weeks
Second:7lbs 4oz at 37 weeks
Third: 6lbs 13oz at 35 weeks

ang_turtle+2.5 19 kids; Ohio 19590 posts
21st Apr '13

first was born via induction at 39 weeks and was 6 lbs 4.9 ounces and 20 inches and second came on her own at 38 weeks and was 6 lbs 5.9 ounces and 18.5 inches

tatesmommy09 2 kids; Illinois 4003 posts
21st Apr '13

Neither of my kids were term but Tate was born at 36+1 and was 6lbs 1oz.

Bo was born at 36+2 and only 5lbs 3oz. She is still a teeny little princess!

nothing to see Due August 21; 2 kids; Japan 602 posts
21st Apr '13

my first was 6lbs 00z
my second 8lbs 19 oz

big difference but i swear my 2nd was much more easier to push

user banned 2 kids; Georgia 24891 posts
21st Apr '13

My first was 6.14 at 38 and 1 day. She stopped growing at 36 weeks, I had severe pre-e/HELLP and it caused IUGR.
My second was born at 39 and 1 day RCS she weighed 9.11

Ronnie RadKat 3 kids; Arizona 21134 posts
status 21st Apr '13

First was 8lbs 21" at 40w6d
2nd was 6lbs 12oz 19" at 36wks
3rd was 7lb 15oz 19.5" at 38wks

j.a.c 3 kids; 1 angel baby; Virginia 2165 posts
21st Apr '13

my first was 9lbs 1 oz
my second was 9lbs 2 oz
my third was the biggest at 9lbs 5oz
so yes, each one was bigger each time:P

all were full term.

Mommy to 3!!!! 3 kids; Lincoln, Alabama 10212 posts
status 21st Apr '13

Ashley was 10lbs 11ozs and Easton was 10lbs 5oz

Emily M Smith 18 kids; Wisconsin 432 posts
21st Apr '13

First was born on her due date was 8 lbs 12 oz 20 inches my second was born 39 weeks 6 days and was 9 lbs 6 oz 21 3/4 inches second is my son :-)