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P Pickle Pants 98 kids; California 20532 posts
Apr 23rd '13

<blockquote><b>Quoting 11 weeks with #3!:</b>" I dont see anything wrong with co-bathing at all, I think people who think its weird are weird. lmao"</blockquote>

I was 100% fine til he learned than his sister will come out of my vagina and now will ask to see in there to see sister if he sees me nekkid, haha

J&M {EBFB}SAHM09 Due December 3; 18 kids; Houston, Texas 4584 posts
Apr 23rd '13

wanted my son to be there ( age 3) but he was getting restless so SO had to take him for a walk and the dam hospital didn't have a room for me. I had a bed, chair monitor and a curtain. laboring with other women in the same room or maybe just some women waiting for a room like I was. I had a unassisted birth in a hospital and yes it was awesome even though no one was there to witness it but i wish someone had been there. But this time i would like for my son to be there he will be almost 5 and for my daughter who will be 2. I dont think my daughter will understand wats going on but i still want here there. My parents and the rest of the family is going to be there so if they need to be taking out then thats just I have to do.