Hocus Pocus Due September 27; Japan 1096 posts
26th Apr '13

I always said 30 and I'm 31 on number 4. My kids were born when I was 22,24,30 and this one shortly before I turn 32. I says 35-40 is the cut off

♥ Jen ♥ Due May 6; 4 kids; Shawnee, Kansas 9004 posts
26th Apr '13

35-36. I turn 35 this year but this is gonna be our last one.

user banned Minneapolis, Minnesota 88 posts
27th Apr '13

You have to realize the ladies on here tend to be in their 20's and have their kids then. Don't let the crowd make you feel old, if you can get pregnant at an older age that's wonderful!!! I am quite fertile and got pregnant on my first try..

BabyPowell(9/26/14)15wks[ Due September 26; 1 child; 1 angel baby; Atlanta, Georgia 1740 posts
28th Apr '13

I think whatever you feel comfortable with is the age you should go for; but for me I would stop at 30 just because I can't wait for my son to become super independent; he is already 5 and does alot on his own; but im tryna add another to the mix and I want him or her here now. Cause by 30 my son would be 9 going on 10 and hopefully if I get pregnant soon my second would be atleast 3-4 years old! My aunt was kinda like that......she had no kids and she was like if she got to 30 and still never did she would get her tubes tide. But sure enough I think she got pregnant not to long before or after 30! But after she had him she still got her tubes tide!