Christan_89 2 kids; Grapevine, Texas 8043 posts
22nd Apr '13


laurenmik 3 kids; Aurora, Colorado 7222 posts
22nd Apr '13

I had no idea until I realized just how late my period was this last time. Though when I was at Walmart buying the test I swore I was because everyone smelled awful.

Soon 2 be mom of 3 Due November 6; 2 kids; Massachusetts 412 posts
22nd Apr '13

I am either clueless or in denial lol the first 2 times my only clue was no period...this time my b**bs were so sore (and still are I might add) but because I have gone 5 years without a BFP , have PCOS and don't have regular cycles I never expected this test to be positive. Does that make me weird? lol

Summerfrost 51 kids; Massachusetts 6760 posts
22nd Apr '13

It took a while for me to catch on the first time. I knew for sure the second time without even having to test. I also knew the 3rd time. The last time I was surprised. The hubby came home with pregnancy tests though, so i guess he knew before i did. :)

Ecstasy 18 kids; Cuba 7748 posts
22nd Apr '13

Yep, all 3 times.

1st: DH & I had only been married about 3-4 months & i was on the pill - taken properly.

Out of no where i woke up & chalked the sore b**bs/tiredness down to possibly being pregnant (even though it was the smallest chance) was like 'omg, i need to take a pregnancy test' - sure enough, positive.

2nd: Taking the mini pill (again taken properly - i'd set my phone alarm) i was tired & had heartburn and just knew, took a test and BAM, positive. (4-5 weeks)

3rd: Had the IUD in.. i took a nap in the afternoon (which is very unlike me) and when DH & I went on a date that night while Mum watched our eldest EVERYTHING tasted salty & i was slightly queazy :? .. took a test when i got home & again.. ANOTHER positive LOL! - turns out i was only 3w - i went for a dating scan at about 5w and it showed nothing but a thickened uterine lining, went back a few weeks later & it showed a 7w bean/yolk sac.

Now im crossing my fingers the implanon/rod doesn't fail me.. i do know when im pregnant though, its just a feeling i can't shake. I dont feel 'normal'

FeliciaAnn Due June 1; 3 kids; Washington 1333 posts
22nd Apr '13

Yesterday DH and I (we are actively trying to avoid pregnancy for at least another 6 months) had a little too much fun, and all day today I've just been walking around like "yep, I know I'm pregnant" I meticulously track my cycles and yesterday and today are my most fertile days. I'm pretty sure I'm pregnant. I'll be hitting you guys up with a test in a couple of weeks. I've found out around 15dpo each pregnancy, so if I am indeed knocked up you guys will be the only ones I tell haha until I'm ready to tell my friends and family!

~Barefoot Birdie~ 3 kids; Cambria, CA, United States 127 posts
23rd Apr '13

With all 3 of my kids, I had NO idea! With my first, I went in to the emergency room because I couldn't keep anything down and thought it was due to the ear infections I had. Nope. Baby. LOL. Baby #2 we had TTC for nearly 5 years, and the day I took a test it was just because I was bored and thought "what the heck". I hadn't even missed a period. It took me awhile (and 8 HPT's) to finally believe it. With baby #3, we decided when DD was 18 months old to TTC because it took so long with our 2nd. The following month I took an HPT 6 days before AF was due just out of curiousity and BAM. Preggers. She's due in 6 days! =)