1 yr old.doesnt eat. constipated. Mom[Oh] 2 kids; Fort Wayne, IN, United States 616 posts
23rd Apr '13

K so DD will Not let me feed her myself. She has to do it. That's all fine and dandy IF she actually ATE the food. She will eat fruit...and cheese. But I haven't been feeding her any cheese due to the fact her poop looks like pea gravel. Has only had one decent BM in 4 days the rest has been little tiny balls that stink awful. She is drinking just fine and all I'm feeding her is fruits and veggies somebody give me some advice here!

Also...she only will eat MAYBE a quarter of what I give her which isn't a lot at all. Most of it she state me in the eye and drops on the floor like"Ha I'm not eatting this." Any advice with that?

user banned 33 kids; British Columbia 2986 posts
23rd Apr '13

Try some prunes or high fibre foods. Lots of water. I don't know if its helpful at all but a doctor told me to give my 4 month old a ml of mineral oil for constipation.

PrincessCupcake Due October 23 (girl); 1 child; Palm Harbor, Florida 170 posts
23rd Apr '13

My daughter had ridiculous constipation until she was potty trained. When it got too bad we would do a glycerin suppository, there is a kids brand.. I forget what it's called. But you can find it at the drug store, there are no drugs in it just the glycerin helps move things right on out. It really helps when the constipation is bad. At one point she had to go to the hospital for impacted bowel, so after that we tried to really stay on top of it.