pregnancy tests results diffetent with pregnancys? kr:) 1 child; Texas 5309 posts
23rd Apr '13

Just wondering those of you that have 2+ kids did you get your bfp around the same time with each child?
With my son I tested at home with a frer and had a clear negative but when to the er a few days later after a car wreck and found out I was almost 7 weeks pregnant with a blood test so I never got a postive at home... and my only symptoms early with my son were being tired i would sleep all day long and still be tired..

Im 14dpo today and have been testing and thought iv had faint postives the last three days but idk anymore :/ AF should be here any day but no signs of her.. but I AM horribly tired and soo sick to my stomach today..

LA REINA™ Chicago, IL, United States 15863 posts
23rd Apr '13

I can always pick up a bfp pretty early on hpts.

Momlette~29weeks Due December 25; 2 kids; Ohio 25470 posts
23rd Apr '13

With my first I kept taking tests and nothing but I had all the symptoms. Went to planned parenthood and they said I was for sure pregnant. Almost 9 weeks actually. My second was pretty easy and the twins 5 days after I had the embryo transfer. Now this pregnancy again I had a ton of trouble getting a positive but I'm not sure how far along I am. I knew I was way before the positive.