How long? Tiffanii :) 2 kids; Olympia, Washington 334 posts
24th Apr '13

Did it take for you to lose your baby weight? I gain 36 pounds with this pregnancy and I am one week pp and only 2 pounds from my pre pregnancy weight. I'm super excited about that!! I still have 60 pounds to lose from where I was before I got pregnant with my first though! So how long did it take you to lose your baby weight and did you keep losing or did you just get stuck at your pre pregnancy weight?

thats me. :) 18 kids; Edmonton, Alberta 3031 posts
24th Apr '13

I gained 70 pounds.
and I have currently lost the 60, I have 10 left, and it has been 21 months old.

I do have 40 to get to pre-pre-pregnancy weight of 120, and it has been over 4 years since my first child.

♥ Becca ♥ Due May 11 (boy); 51 kids; 3 angel babies; Royal Oak Charter Township, Michigan 1259 posts
25th Apr '13

I gained 47 lbs and I am 8 lbs away from my prepregnancy weight. My son is 5 months old. With my first, I only gained 24 lbs and that came off within a few days. With my 2nd, it took me 7 months to lose all the weight I gained (50 lbs) and lost an additional 10 lbs. (working as a waitress at the time helped with that. Constantly on my feet for the entire shift unable to sit let alone eat when working. Lol)