♥ I♥RYLEIGH Due November 1; 1 child; 4 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10478 posts
24th Apr '13


E☮M♥M♫A Due October 7; 2 kids; 1 angel baby; Cleveland, Tennessee 2643 posts
24th Apr '13

Definitely doesn't sound normal. When I had DS, my discharge papers said where to go if it got a foul-smelling odor...I would call your OB first

Squeaky McGee [34 wks] Due May 7 (boy); 2 kids; 3 angel babies; Indiana 71479 posts
24th Apr '13

There shouldn't be a foul odor. An 'earthy' odor is normal, but it shouldn't be foul. Call your OB to be safe.

❤ mae² 1 child; 1 angel baby; Cold, Ol, Canada 69191 posts
24th Apr '13

I had an odor at one point, I just started washing up a bit more often and it helped.

tinana+2 2 kids; Central Valley, NY, United States 30213 posts
24th Apr '13

Not gonna lie, my pp blood never smelled nice. It was never infectious and I always shower daily and sometimes even more than daily. So I know it's not a matter of having dirty vag.

However it doesn't hurt to call your OB and ask.

I♥RYLEIGH Due November 1; 1 child; 4 angel babies; Windsor, Ontario 10478 posts
24th Apr '13

I shower every day, it's usually by the end of the day it has an odor

Mrs.O! 18 kids; your moms ass, HI, United States 22142 posts
24th Apr '13

I had a STRONG odor with DS..this time around it's not that bad, now it just smells like old blood but nothing as bad as it was with m first can call your doctor but I don't think they'll tell you much other than to go in..ooh and I highly suggest you use your sitz bath...I used it towards the end of my PP bleeding with LO #1 and it helped with the odor and the swelling(I tore and then had to be cut and it just was a hot mess down there)...this time I used it from the get go and things seem to have healed a hell of a lot sooner!!

Charlee ♥ Jensen 3 kids; Iowa 56325 posts
24th Apr '13

Mine smells like garbage. *gag* it smelled the same after Charlee too.

my blood isn't yellow's like a weird mucusy type bleeding, though.

camdens mom 2 kids; New Hampshire 3 posts
25th Apr '13

I'd call your doctor. They say any yellow color discharge with a smell should be checked for uterine lining infection or endometritis. Never hesitate to call them, that's what they are there for. Better safe. Hope all Is well